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About MamaYe

Our Mission in Nigeria

MamaYe is about making life-saving changes for Africa’s mothers and babies. It is a campaign to change fatalism to hope; helplessness to action; maternal survival from side issue to political priority; and best guesses into hard facts.

We cannot look away from the high death rate of pregnant women and babies in Nigeria.

Statistics such as “...every year, Nigeria loses about 240,000 newborns and 40,000 women to maternal related deaths ” must change to “...this year, Nigeria has saved 240,000 newborns and 40,000 women from maternal related deaths”, because many women and babies die from causes that have straightforward solutions. Each of us can take action and collectively these actions have the power to create change.

Change is possible. Many individuals and organisations have committed their time, resources and energy to ensure the safety of pregnant women and newborns. They have led health facility construction teams, transported pregnant women to receive life-saving care in the middle of the night, given their blood free of charge, and challenged political leaders to fulfil their promises. Through our pregnant women and newborn survival campaign, MamaYe, such stories of change will no longer go untold.

MamaYe celebrates the many individuals and organisations across Africa who work tirelessly to make pregnancy and childbirth safer, so that others can be encouraged and inspired to do the same. You too can be a MamaYe hero or heroine.

MamaYe gives you the information and evidence to question, analyse, compare, understand, challenge and act for positive change.

From understanding complex evidence, to finding the nearest blood bank; from the latest clinical guidelines, to tracking budgets or drug stock-outs, MamaYe puts information in the hands of those with the will to make change. Riding Africa’s telecommunications revolution, MamaYe connects you to others with the same ambition.

The MamaYe campaign will work with existing champions in Nigeria to change gory stories to glory stories, and make a life-saving change for mothers and babies.

MamaYe is a campaign for all of us, by all of us, to ensure Africa’s mothers and babies survive pregnancy and childbirth. Together we are MamaYe!

Evidence for Action

Mama Ye! is a campaign initiated by Evidence for Action, a multi-year programme which aims to improve maternal and newborn survival in sub-Saharan Africa. Funded by the UK Department for International Development, it focuses on using a strategic combination of evidence, advocacy and accountability to save lives in Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Tanzania.