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25th Apr 2017

World Malaria Day 2017: MamaYe journalists for MNH Accountability draw attention to Malaria in Pregnancy

The theme for the 2017 World Malaria Day (25 April) is End Malaria for Good. The MamaYe journalists for maternal and newborn health accountability say it is time to start working to end malaria in pregnancy for good. The journalists will bring public focus on the problem with media roundtables and other media activities to mark this year’s edition of the World Malaria Day.
21st Apr 2017

Host Agency for E4A-MamaYe in Bauchi

Your organisation may be the one to host the MamaYe programme in Bauchi State. Our host organisation provides support for the smooth running of our daily activities. The downloadable Expression of Interest form gives you the insight to, and the details of the organisation that will be eligible to host MamaYe.
10th Apr 2017

Maternal Health and Rights: I became a nurse to protect pregnant women

April 11th is the International Day of Maternal Health and Rights. For those who have experienced it, pregnant women suffer disrespect and many forms of abuse in the hands of healthcare providers. Apart from a charter that seeks to protect pregnant women from abuse, Yelwa too took an action to end disrespectful attitudes towards pregnant women.