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Lagos State Health Budget Scorecard – May 2016

This budget scorecard was produced by Lagos State Accountability Mechanism (LASAM).  The scorecard evaluates key budget indicators in the areas of transparency, participation, resource allocation, and budget release.  The scorecard was produced in May 2016.


Data indicates the Lagos State Government is making some progress in budget transparency but can do more.  LASAM calls on the Lagos State Government to:

  • Budget adequate resources for health
  • Invite CSOs to participate in budget planning processes
  • Ensure over 70% of budgeted funds for capital projects are
  • released on time 

To download the scorecard for free, click here

To download the reference sheet, click here

Lagos State Accountability Mechanism (LASAM).  (2016). Lagos State Health Budget Scorecard: May 2016. Lagos: LASAM.

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