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Free Downloads

We've collected our favourite free resources on maternal and newborn health in Nigeria. Flyers, posters, t-shirt designs, information leaflets, fact sheets and more.

Download them, share them, print them, use them for free!


What's Happening in Nigeria

The Commission on Information & Accountability (COIA) tracks progress on maternal & child health in Nigeria. On this page are infographics showing the latest data.

Are You Pregnant?

We’re here to help! On this page are practical resources available for you to get the information or assistance you need to help you safely through your pregnancy.

Success Stories

Across Nigeria there are unsung heroes and heroines whose selfless actions have saved lives.

Some are stories of intelligent organization and collective endeavor, some moving accounts of individual sacrifice or achievement, but all of them serve as shining examples to inspire and motivate the heroes of tomorrow.

Act Now!

In Nigeria over 109 women die every day from causes related to pregnancy and birth. 1 in every 6 children born in Nigeria die before their fifth birthday. There are heroes and heroines all over Nigeria innovating and working to stop this, and so can you! Find out how you can act for mothers and babies here > 

*Source - Demographic and Health Survey 2008. View the factsheet here and the full survey here.