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17th Jun 2016

Barriers and motivations to voluntary blood donation in sub-Saharan African settings: a literature review

This literature review explores the factors affecting people’s willingness to donate blood voluntarily in sub-Saharan African settings. The review found that the main barriers to donation related to health concerns and a lack of knowledge. Important motivating factors included saving another person's life and access to adequate information.
16th May 2016

Women Deliver 2016 Evidence Blast

The 2016 Women Deliver conference brought together diverse voices and interests in Copenhagen to drive investments and progress for women and girls. When the world invests in girls, everyone wins. Hot off the press for Women Deliver in support of and in collaboration with Ending Preventable Maternal Mortality (EPMM) - our new infographic!
14th Jun 2016

World Blood Donor Day Evidence Blast 2016

Africa collects less than half the blood it needs. MamaYe campaigns to increase the number of people who donate voluntarily and freely. Read the evidence of why your blood is needed and how we need to strengthen our blood services across Africa. Take the WHO test and see how much you know about blood!
15th Jan 2016

Health worker roles in providing safe abortion care and post-abortion contraception

This interactive website improves access to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, “Health worker roles in providing safe abortion and post-abortion contraception”. The website presents information in interactive tables. It is designed to help health workers access the recommendations more easily and expand their roles in providing safe abortion care.