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1st May 2015

Prevalence of symptoms of vaginal fistula in 19 sub-Saharan Africa countries: a meta-analysis of national household survey data

This study uses population-level data to estimate the prevalence of symptoms of vaginal fistula in sub-Saharan Africa. The study found that 3 per 1000 women of reproductive age have ever had fistula symptoms and 1 out of 1000 women of reproductive age currently had fistula symptoms.
1st Jan 2014

Adding It Up: The Costs and Benefits of Investing in Sexual and Reproductive Health in 2014

This Guttmacher Institute report provides new estimates, for 2014, of the needs for and costs and benefits of sexual and reproductive health interventions. The key areas examined in this report are contraceptive services, maternal and newborn care, and HIV and other STI services.